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Having completed over three thousand setouts in the last eight years we have a proven track record for providing a quality service. We have formed strong relationships with our clients over the past twenty years and are going strength to strength.


  • Building Set-out for Commercial, Residential or Industrial Developments (Digital Terrain Modelling, Multi-storey,
  • Feature and level surveys to AHD
  • Site Analysis (Rescode) Surveys for Town Planning Applications
  • PCA Lettable Area plans and Survey

Building Architectural/Engineering


  • Facade and elevation surveys
  • Site Analysis (Rescode) Surveys for Town Planning Applications
  • Laser Scanning, Plant and Equipment Modelling
  • Pipe modelling,
  • Bridge and Tunnel modelling, reverse engineering (3D modelling),
  • Architectural modelling ( Heritage modelling, Floor plans, Facade capture, BIM / 3D Modelling,
  • Topographic Surveys,
  • As built surveys of structures
  • Monitoring

Civil Construction/Land Development Civil Construction/Land Development

volume survey

  • Volume surveys
  • Photogrammetry (Preliminary site assessment, area and volume calculation, Geo-referenced mosaics, contours, construction progress mapping, work as executed.)
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Precise leveling
  • Control Surveys


Pipeline Route

  • Pipeline Route selection surveys
  • Pipeline Profiling and Setout
  • Machine control file preparation
  • Pump station setout
  • Grade design

Recent Major Pipeline Projects:

  • Wimmera Mallee Pipeline project (9,159 kilometers of pressurised pipeline and associated structures.
  • North South Pipeline (70 kilometer pipeline carrying water from the Goulburn River to Melbourne’s storages at Sugarloaf Reservoir.
  • Peninsula Eco Project (231km Sewer reticulation pipeline)
  • PLN Pipeline project (Poowong, Loch, Nyora transfer main and townships)

Equipment Hire Equipment Hire

  • GPS base and rover hire
  • Robotic total station hire
  • Laser Levels
  • Digital Levels
  • Pipe lasers

Machine Control Machine control

site setup

  • Site setup
  • File preparation
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • File management
  • QA Checks
  • Bench mark installation